07 September 2009

a quest

i recently told gustavo that we don't eat unhealthy, but nor do we necessarily eat healthy. he was surprised, assuming he ate quite healthy. since then, we've been talking about about changing our eating habits.

we went to barnes and nobles today and this book was displayed front and center. it called my name, mostly because i like the name of the book and i liked the clean design of the book cover. (marketing victim!). i bought it. my goal is to educate myself a bit (which is what the first 30+ pages will do), then try some recipes....one a week. other than the cover of the book, i was also drawn to the layout. the recipes are divided into seasons. so happy autuum, i'll begin tackling some of those recipes and report on my progress.

autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
-albert camus


  1. Denise, I love it. I looked it up on Amazon..I was going to check it out at the library 1st...but I can't wait to own this book. I love that is seperated seasonally. Glad you shared your find. xxooxo

  2. you know why this is making me chuckle.

    I think this is GREAT and sounds like a really good book to own. Esp. since I just wolfed down two slices of pizza for lunch :(